Tiers in Heaven

by Lewis

Can you tell us what Gabriel was like?

Oh sure. He was quick to love, slow to anger. His judgement was honest but fierce. Yeah I'd say he was a proper Archangel. Made the proper way. I mean, I guess he was firm sometime, strong. Or his presence implied strength, like he could break your bones with a look. But he never would. It's tragic you know, the whole thing. He was good to me. You should talk to Michael. They were close those two.

Sure he came across as the good, obedient type, but I'd started to hear things you know. Life extensions, illegal blessings, there was that whole confusion around the ‘virgin birth’ that never got cleared up…i can't say...well if there was a DNA test between Gabe and Holy Spirit. It was just stupid rumours. But I told him to be careful, he'd been seen with this Cherub from Sphere 3. Creepy little guy. You should speak to him.

And talk us through the morning of, the accident?

Well it was just a normal day. I went down to the gate, my shift started at 4 so I signed in as normal. Most of us don't live inside the first Sphere you know. That's for the Archs only. But you know someones still gotta cut the grass. I was heading over to the Burning Orchard, we got a strict routine. Gotta keep the balance of growth and burning at all times. Each one takes 300 years to grow. But you'd be amazed how often they get used. Anyway there he was just spinning slowly a few feet of the ground. From the back I thought he was just asleep, he did that sometimes after a few too many Blood of C’s. The Orchard is very relaxing. But then as he turned I saw the front of him. Dear Boss I've never seen anything like it. The eyes. It was like looking through..I cant. I'm sorry.

Look I don't know what your implying, but its not like that. Sure we used to hangout a lot. Theres only 7 of us Archs so yeah me and Gabe were close. He left mine around 3. And then I heard nothing until the bells. Then. Well all heaven was let loose. I didn't even hear about what happened til Raphael told me.

It's tough at the top you know. He's not the first Arch to lose it. I mean every one knows about Lu. I don't know. I'm just saying you hear things. Maybe he wanted out?

So these rumours that you threatened Gabriel?

Me? I hardly knew him. I did a few odd jobs for him now and then. Little stuff you know. You gotta get by out here. That's all. It's tough in 3. But do that? I couldn't do that to anyone.

Me? Look ok we argued. I shouted at him. Sure. But he could be so damn, holier than thou, you know. But I wouldn't hurt ‘him’. Did you see what they did? That was evil pure and simple. We don't get that stuff in Sphere 1. I couldn't do that to him.