"You only grow by coming to the end of something and beginning something else" - John Irving

Books, scripts, stories and the great American novel don’t write themselves, you know. Start out by writing a little, but often and build writing into your regular routine.

500 words is just one side of A4 paper and our writing community is on hand to share their thoughts on your work, so you can grow and develop your style week by week and our prompts give you the perfect springboard to begin.

Whatever your project, it’s good to be writing.


"If you don’t have the time to read you don’t have the time (or tools) to write..." Stephen King

One theme can take a hundred different directions in Story Club. Plunge into someone else’s brain for a moment, join them for their bite-sized adventure. It’s a fun way to kill time on your commute, it’s entertainment while having a poo, waiting for the bus, or watching SportsBall


Opening your work up to other people can be totally terrifying, we get it, but we promise it will help you grow and develop as a writer. Everyone’s in the same boat here, so there’s no need to worry - we’ll be honest, but we’ll never be brutal. That’s not cool.

Join the story Club community and share your stories, thoughts and ideas with other, like-minded folks. Your suggestions help us grow too.

How it works

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Wednesday a theme is shared on the home page along with three random words
  • Members draft a 500 word story on this theme, including the three words (you can be as creative as you like with this)
  • Stories are submitted the following Wednesday (or Thursday at a push) and posted to the Story Club website
  • Members then leave constructive feedback on each other’s stories through the site
  • The next theme is issued
  • Write, rinse repeat

We welcome feedback from other people on stories, so please feel free to browse our back catalogue and share your thoughts, even if you’re not a current contributor. If you’d like to find out more about getting involved with Story Club drop an email to info@storyclub.co.uk


Story content remains the property of the original author.




The (in)glorious birth!

Check out story #1 and #2

Jenny Allan and James Mahoney decided they needed an impetus to make creative writing a regular part of life.


Nadolig llawen pawb!

Happy new year, and well done on 7 themes in just 8 short weeks. Also - welcome Liz to the storyclub bosom. Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow


Sometime (we forget when)

Welcome Hannah, Beth, Donna, and Lewis.


End of the year! Woah, 41 themes issued and completed!



The great restart. Lax times in StoryClub land. Many joined, and could not be arsed. They were culled. This is the bright new dawn. Oh, and we got a website.


Disqus added to the site for story feedback. No one notices.

Who cares

Lewis Gwyther welcomed to the executive committee despite his many failings (thank you, positive discrimination).


Second full year. A fallow year. Only 17 themes issued and completed.



Mass upload of old stories. Mass typos. But 48 stories so far in 2019. That's 24,000 scintillating words from 8 (or 9 (or 10)) uncommonly attractive authors


Switch to Bulma for layout and styling


Penblwydd Hapus Lewis. You don't look thirty-seven!


Mass social media splurge. Nine followers. Check it. NINE.

Lewis discovers the Twitter embed GIF function

Dan hits the big two oh.


Jenny and James make their centuries.

End of the year (late) update!

218 stories produced in 2019. In your face, 2018, with only 61.

That's 109,000 words produced, give or take a few million depending on how much flagrant word count abuse was going on.

We also said hello to Claire and Jon


Techy bits


Made with Bulma

Orangey stylings by Lewis, hacked in with much Googling by James

James' spiffing backend

A Google sheet for data.

Site runs on Amazon S3, generated with Node.js, Amazon Lambda, and much, much head banging. Maybe he'll write about it on his sexy, sexy website.