Abigail from the mainland

by James

The wolf howl echoed, and Susan shivered despite the heat of the night. Abigail was a silhouette, stark dark against the foam of the surf that shone bright in the moonlight. She was down on her haunches, knees splayed wide. When she threw her head back and howled again the dark strands of her wet hair danced around her head.

Susan hugged her legs a little tighter to her naked body and shivered again. What if they could see her now? Susan no mates. Frigid Susan, because she dashed the hopes of either of the two boys even close to her age on this stupid island.

Abigail stood. She reached her fingertips to the stars and twisted her body back and forth a little. And Susan shivered again as the hints of Abigail’s nude body showed as curves against the foaming surf. Abigail let herself relax then began to stroll up the wet sand to where Susan was hunched amongst the long grasses that gave her some feel of not being so naked and exposed in the darkness.

Abigail stood in front of her with one hip dropped and her hand upon it.

‘Just so you know, but this isn’t usually me on a first date.’

Susan’s face grew hot and a lump began to form in her throat that made it hard to breathe. Maybe not for Abigail, but Susan was one hundred percent gives it up on the first date. Technically, she was one hundred percent gives it up on every date, assuming the word every could be applied in the singular.

Abigail knelt in front of Susan and began to pick her fingers apart. ‘How can you still be so shy with me? What was it you called me after you ate ice cream off my belly button?’

‘Oh, God,’ Susan said.

‘Nope. You called me, what was it?’

Susan shook her head.

‘You called me your hot summer ice cream puffin.’

‘Oh, God.’

‘Then you said that. I think we’re passed the point of coyness now.’

‘It’s the statue,’ Susan said. ‘I feel like it was watching us.’

Abigail glanced at the hill above. ‘Who was old Harry, anyway?’

Susan shrugged. ‘He founded the village. So they say. He brought his wife and kids here, to forge a new world, away from all the sin and iniquity on the mainland.’

Abigail sniggered a little. ‘Well, that worked out well for him.’ She finally pulled Susan’s fingers away and now gently began to ease her knees apart. ‘Lie back. Your turn to howl. Why don’t we try and make old stone faced Harry blush?’