some conversations

by Lewis

J: I’m dying for the toilet

S: But I’m in the bath. I’ve just..

J: Looking good hun, need a hand?

S: ..I’ll be fine.

J: Paul’s down Saturday, surprise visit so we’re going out for drinks after the Match, you’ll have to watch the princess, you don’t mind do you?

S: I’m meant to be out for drinks, it’s our office night...

J: Look he’s already booked his flight in. He hasn’t been down for weeks. Sorry it’s all booked now. I can’t change it.

S: But it’s...

J: It’ll be fine you see those lot all the time anyway, this is important....Can you pick up some more milk as well; we’ve just run out.

S: Ah thanks, skinny latte please.

T: No worries, my treat.’s It going?

S: Yeah good, you know, the usual. School is chaos. The little one is great. She has her moments of course. But getting along well....

T: Sure...

S: She’s different to most girls you know. We’re trying to get her to do more... He’s putting her back into Ballet. You know he wants to help build her posture....

T: Yeah. Yeah...I thought she didn’t really like dance?

S: No, well, no, she just doesn’t know. You know? She’s so young. One minute she loves something the next she doesn’t.

T: Yeah yeah of course. It’s difficult. I guess he thinks it’s good for her?

S: Oh of course, yeah the class is really highly recommended you know. They have a lot of links with Juliard, you know things like that,...she’ll learn to love it Sam says....Anyway how’s things with you? How’s your new guy at work?

T: Yeah pretty good. Business is doing well, and the new Comms Manager, says he has a good contact at John Lewis; they’re gonna meet for drinks.

S: What just the two of them?

T: Yeah he said that they go way back and he had some new ideas he wanted to run past him.

S: Drinks for the lads?

T: Something like that. I don’t mind. He’s got better networks than me, and as long as it helps my business. Just the way it is sometimes. But yeah he’s been, fine. It’s all good.


G: This queue is ridiculous isn’t it?

S: Sorry?

G: I said this queue is crazy. They’re so slow in here...I’m just picking up a friends prescription.

S: Oh ok.

G: Just doing them a favour ya know?

S: ...

G: You live round here is it?

S: No I work nearb...

G: Oh wait I can guess. Yeah. You’ve got to be a nurse, or a model?

S: Ha. Um no, n...

G: That’s a shame. Nurses uniform would look good on you.

S: I, uh.


S: Sorry

H: NEXT. Madam what’s the issue please?

G: Uh um. I wanted to see the pharmacist?

H: I’M afraid he’s busy.

G: Probably having a fag out back.

S: Oh. Um. Is there someone else I can speak to?

H: SURE! You can come back tomorrow when the queue has gone. What’s the matter?

S: Well it’s kind of personal

G: Lady stuff?

H: LOOK, take some ibuprofen. That helps them with the pain. Is that all?

S: No. It’s not that. Well it’s...

G: I’m picking up a subscription

S: You mean a prescription

G: Yeah. For a friend.

S: Sorry, it’s just...

H: I’ll take a look for you now mate

S: Sorry

G: Cheers pal

S: Um

H: LUV, as I said, ibuprofen, or some girls find a hot water bottle helps.

S: It’s a bit more complicated actual...

H: WELL you’ll have to see the doctor then

S: I really just need to speak to someone who understands

G: It’s not clots is it? They’re disgusting.