Captain Adam and the Evil Intergalactic Space Monkeys

by Jenny

It was almost too late! The evil intergalactic space monkeys were gaining on Captain Adam. He was never going to make it out of the airlock on time. He’d have to stand his ground and face them down.

But he was outnumbered four hundred and fifty six to one! There was no way he could ever fight this many evil space monkeys at once - unless…

Captain Adam pressed the red button on his astro belt to boost his powers times one hundred. These monkeys wouldn’t know what had hit them. One by one they came for him, but he was ready - a karate chop here, a drop kick there. None of them could make it past his super strength powers, but they kept coming, gluttons for punishment; twelve, thirteen, fourteen, bang bang bang - the monkeys bit the space dust.

Captain Adam was exhausted, but he couldn’t give up now, not when victory was so close!

Then disaster! The monkeys released their deadly secret weapon - Killer Fire Breath - no-one could escape it. It looked like certain death for sure now. Captain Adam backed away trying desperately to think, to figure out a way of this hopeless situation.

Swoosh! He suddenly remembered that he had Magnificent Cape Abilities(™). With a flick of his galvanised anti-fire cape the deathly blast ricocheted away from him, keeping him safe, but sending dozens of evil monkeys to their fiery doom.

His enemies were diminished. Captain Adam could almost taste victory when suddenly he heard the thundering, shaking, terrifying sound of another,far worse enemy approaching. The Evillest Boss Monkey. He had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but there was no escape. The Boss Monkey had come for him. Captain Adam threw heroism to the wind, turned tail and fled from this most formidable of foes.

“Adam. Come on. It’s time to go.”

Julie put down her empty coffee cup on Helen’s kitchen work top and picked up a handbag jangling with coins and keys and anti-bac hand gel.

“Thanks for the coffee - it’s been great to catch up and I hope you sort the magpie problem out soon. Honestly, I haven’t been able to get him out of that cape for weeks. He sleeps in it and everything. Adam - come on. Mummy’s waiting.”

Captain Adam lay face down behind a lump of space detritus and tried to stay calm. He had dealt with the Boss Monkey like this before. If he was quiet and still for long enough, it forgot about him for another ten or even fifteen minutes - it might buy him enough time to escape!

But suddenly he felt the ground shake and saw the horrifying visage of the Boss Monkey looming over him reaching for him with deadly outstretched claws.

Captain Adam fought valiantly. He flailed and tried to deflect the attack with his ray gun and Magnificent Cape Abilities (™), but it was no good. Our brave hero was dragged into the enemy spacecraft to face an unknown destiny...