Down deep

by Lewis

Way down, down deep, where the light has never been Lies the cruellest, tallest and meanest, of all different extremes Tentacles and tails, flaps, twists and spikes Every shape you can think of, designed for fear and fright

But alongside these salty denizens, others too can live Meet one little dumbo octopus, who we shall call fizz She is a very special creature, a joy to behold She brings love and merriment, wherever she does go

“Don’t be mad, Mr Snaggletooth, with your face so full of hate I know it’s just because of that nasty big tooth ache Ill get the dentist” she would cry, and of she’d pop and get him And now there goes Mr Snaggletooth with a grin from fin to fin

You’re beautiful Mr Barellfish, and Fangtooth you’re a delight Fish by fish, and squid by squid, she turned their black to bright She never said a nasty word, shout or swear or vex Her only vice amongst the murderers, was that she liked a little bet

But still she laughed and danced her way, through the deep down gloom Bringing joy and laughter, like no one else could do No one knew, why would they? You never would have guessed That behind the mask of happiness, lay the misery of credit card debt

The signs were there if anyone, could see enough to check But when surviving is optional, you don’t stick out your neck Of course sometimes she hit it big, but the moment always passes Like the time she splashed out and bought, those Elton John sunglasses

The problem with life in the starless depths, is, you can’t hide in the dark A debt is a debt that must be paid when you borrow from these loan sharks And sadly for our little Fizz, well a smile you can’t hide behind So much for helping out... so much for being kind

The evil grin approaching, hid a different truth That no good deed is sharper than, a goblin sharks tooth And as the jaws began to close, she shed a single tear drop That in the oceans gentle wash, was instantly lost

But unknown to fizz someone had, been watching all along He’d watched her lend a helping fin, but knew something was wrong He’d seen the slow swim home, when the winning streak was no more He’d seen the wild spending sprees, drinking bubbles straight from the sea floor.

And who is this silent watcher? none other than Mr Snaggletooth of course And a snaggletooth’s bite, when freshly fixed, is really quite a force So watch now as little fizz, slowly opens up her eyes And Mr snaggletooth smiles and turns away, no need for goodbye

The moral of the story, as Fizz gently sighs and swims away Is to look beneath the surface, sometimes it’s a very long way But if you truly care enough, to swim way down, deep down You might just help to save a soul, and find the answer that you seek