A kiss from a stranger

It was midnight and the bartender had left him the keys and gone home. This was how much of a regular he'd become since she'd broken his heart.

He unscrewed the top of another bottle and poured one for himself and one for Dolores.

The stranger who had just come in didn't say much, he just sat there nursing a brandy sidecar, seemingly happy with his own company.

Flopsy, took a long draw on his Kentucky bourbon.

"Aaah whassa point." He said out loud.

"I never was nothing without ya Dolores"

The stranger smoked another cigarette.

It was a typical evening at the lonely hearts saloon.

To an outsider there would be

nothing to see here, just another couple of normal Joes, broken on the wheel of life, either the drink or the dames, possibly both.

The only difference was that one of them had long ears.

His fur was dirty, his suit hadn't been washed for a good few months and when he talked to Dolores he addressed the picture of a broad that he had placed on the bar.

She was cute, with big blue peepers the kind who could cause a whole lot of trouble for a working stiff like Flopsy with a little money put by.

"Dolores, why did you do it to me, whydyahavetaleaveme????" A tear fell from his cheek and on to smoke stained bar top.

The stranger said nothing but walked over the bar and hit the drunk firmly with what you can only described as a rabbit punch.

"What was that for buddy" said the buck struggling to regain his perch on the tall barstool.

"Pull yourself together" said the stranger "is this how you would want her to think of you."

Then he cut the picture of the dame from the frame rolled it up and put it behind the bar.

"Now let's have a nice drink just me and you."

Flopsy looked back and saw a look in the stranger's eyes he hadn't expected. An expression that might, on a less taciturn guy, be mistaken for something amorous. He was so manly. Very different from Flopsy.

The stranger put a firm hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes.

"I could see the first time I saw you you were the guy for me", he said unbuttoning his gabardine coat.

Flopsy couldn't quite measure his own feelings, but they weren't negative, in fact he was somewhat excited by the surprising advance of the charismatic and enigmatic stranger.

The stranger reached for his paw and clasped it gently.

A frisson of excitement raced through flopsy's veins.

"Now kiss me you big lummox" commanded the stranger. He was not a man it was easy to refuse.

Within moments the pair were locked in a deep embrace.

The stranger removed his coat and jacket and began to remove his belt.

"Before we begin I have just one request" said Flopsy.

"Sure" said the stranger "I'm broadminded" .

The rabbit looked over at the rolled up picture in the corner.

"Can Dolores watch? I think she might have liked to".

The stranger shrugged.

"Sure why not. Three's company! It could be the start of something beautiful".

And from that day forth, they were inseparable, a man, a jack rabbit and a photograph. A typical little threesome, living and loving the best way they could in the city of angels and the land of lost love.

For who amongst us arrives in this disappointing flop house we call life hoping only to be lonely forever?