Down to earth

by Lewis

“What about this one,” Emma said, holding up a dark, raven black dress.

“Well, it’s another black dress, much like the past three.” Grilda sighed.

“Don't be silly, this is raven black, the others were dark-soul, summer-night and spilt-ink.”

Grilda, put her phone down and rolled her eyes at her.

Emma twitched her hand and laughed as a dress flew crashing into Grilda’s face. “Oh god, just 24 hours” Emma sighed. “What if he doesn't recognise me?”

“Hmgh pfgh” came the reply as Grilda slowly untangled her-self. “He finds you every year Emma. And just watch what you do with that finger. Halloween might be a special night for us, but we still have to be careful.”

“Yes, i know. Can’t you just let me enjoy the moment.” Emma was still switching between dresses in the mirror.

“You know this pining isnt very feminist, or Witch like.”

“Well neither is your insta account Grild.”

Grilda ignored her.

“I think dark-soul is the best, it reminds me of him,” Emma decided.

“They don't come in muddy grave is it?” Grilda shot back with a wicked grin.

“Shut your hag face, this is my night. Once a year we get to see each other, and last year he finally came and talked to me. After how many years? This year i’m not going to waste time.”

Grildas eye roll was as deep as a grave. “Also this thing is hungry again,” she said pointing at a dark mass of fur that hat wrapped itself around her leg . “Shall I get the pickled herring? Honestly i don't know why you bother, cats are such a cliche.”

“I like them, and they keep me company. Since you two are always off doing whatever it is you seem to spend most of your time doing,” Emma muttered defensively.

“Its called fucking and living, Em. We are exceptionally powerful people, it’s about time you started embracing that and not wasting the whole year waiting for one dead-beat, who's taken 100 years to talk to you.” Grilda was now fending off a number of cats, who had appeared as if by magic at the sound of a tasty treat being opened. “Jesus, how many of them have you got now?”

“As I said, I like them. And it may be 100 years, but it’s only one day a year, so that’s only 100 da…”

“So 3 years then?” Grilda cut in sardonically.

“ Shit. Ok fine, he's not the fastest moving, but ‘they’ never are, are they?” Emma paused, irritated. “Besides this year’s going to be different. Firstly i know where he lives...sleeps...rests-in-peace..? You know what i mean.”

Grilda grimaced a little, she certainly did know what she meant. 364 days in the ground wasn't a good look for anyone, let alone this guy. But, she wisely held her tongue.

“We talked so much last year. He is so funny, honestly, just you wait. He kept saying about how his back was always itching and it drove him mad, but not as mad as the thought of me.” Emma blushed. “And so this year, im going to get him a loofah, so he can reach his back, you know when he’s down there. Anyway i thought it was nice,“ Emma continued, ignoring Grilda’s concealed laughter. “I know what you think of him, but he’s different, he’s so…”

“Down to earth?” Grilda offered.

Emma paused. “You know, I think you’ve hit the nail on the coffin there.

Grilda fell back on the bed laughing. “Oh Emma, you are really something you know.”