Love in the dark

by Lewis

Ah but I did know better didn’t I. I told her it wouldn’t be that simple. Never trust the title; it’s the little words that matter. But she didn’t listen did she. No. Typical. And now she’s in the dark and she can’t say I didn’t warn her. Who wins a trip to Iceland for free? I said to her, don’t be so bloody stupid. It’s probably a scam. Read the small print; two week cruise round the fjords? More likely we’ll turn up and it’ll be a rusty fishing boat and a mugging. Well, see how it turned out?

Oh to be honest I’m glad. I couldn’t take it much longer. He just kept going on and on and on. Always knew better. Always in the right. Well who was right this time? Me. I said I was good at crosswords, it’s always worth entering. Gotta be in it to win it and all that. Well ha. Proved that idiot wrong didn’t I? What a boat. You should have seen it? Beautiful and the ice, oi! just mountains of it glistening. So peaceful and so powerful. Too bright. That’s what he said. Make you blind. Can you believe it? I tell you.

And I told her. Don’t go off the path I said. We only had a few hours stop for photos. And she was just garbling on about a Crested Grebe or something. Well I said, come on now at your age you can go running of into the dark. But of course, there was no telling that one.

That man would have made us sit at home and watch the smart meter for entertainment if he had his way. Well there is a world out there that is made to be beautiful and he was going to see the light it if it was the last thing I did. Ha, well, thats funny isn’t it.

She was always running around, dragging me around. Sometimes I think she should have just left me behind. I said there’s not a lot out there I can’t see in a good book. But she had to ‘shine a little light’ on the world for me.

I mean, one little slip. Oh I bet he’s loving this. He can dine of this one for years. I told her not to go he’ll be saying. I told her it would end in disaster he’ll say. Oh the silly buggers probably overjoyed to have some rest and a bit of quiet. But i’m sure he’ll find something to moan about.

The touble is, it’s so quiet now I can’t sleep. She was so noisy, rolling around and snoring. And now, it’s just so quiet. And it’s darker somehow. Too dark; like the suns just been turned down a notch. It’s probably just my eyes going.

No he’ll be fine. He can sit at home and watch the telly. Grumble at the news. Watch countdown without trying to hide the real reason he’s watching it has something to do with a certain presenter in a short dress. Sleep better too without me snoring. It’ll be quieter of course. But still, he knows I loved him.

Oh no I’ve not been abroad since. Get all my adventure on countdown if you know what I mean. I mean. Well still, it’s not the same is it. But I’ve started doing crosswords. Who knows maybe I’ll win a competition too.

Can you tell her I miss her?

Can you tell him I miss him?

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