The goose death from Blackberries

by unknown....

Brad was reading this book about a disturbance in the forest.

Long story short; a family of four was walking through the sunny forest on a lovely Sunday. The children were frantically running around when they caught glimpse of a sleeping goose. Being naughty children, they wanted to scare it and started poking it. The goose didn’t even flinch. The plan failed. They poked it again. What? It should have flown by now. The parents catch up with their energetic offspring’s. The children were screaming, asking questions, disturbing the place around. In their attempt to clam the children, the mom, very confidently tried to explain what might have happened. “Look children, we believe the goose might have eaten some of the blackberries from the bush just there. But these fruits, in a significant amount, can be dangerous to birds, so it probably just had a few to many and passed away.”

At this point Brad started laughing. “Seriously? That’s just pure nonsense. Such a dull tale. Geese don’t even die from nightshades, how is that one dead from some blackberries?”. He was very disappointed with the story line. He expected something completely different from a book whose main selling point is ‘disturbance in the forest’. You know, he was looking for something more thrilling, a twist, a resurrection, or maybe just a more significant death, anything but a goose dead from blackberries. With the disappointment on his face he goes into the kitchen.

The Kitchen, all white and shiny, like a neoclassical marble palace. Such an eerie place. Not what you would expect to find in a house in former mine town. It might seem strange but, Brad found comfort walking through that kitchen. It made him feel like he had some kind of mysterious power that only he was aware of. The master of his universe, nobody to boss him around, total freedom. Little did he knew.

Outside the sky was glooming. The clouds were all floating, covered in fire, the sunset kind of orange. This gave life to all sorts of fantasies, it’s like a movie developing itself. A movie where you are the direct, actor, the story itself. Brad looked outside, but all he could see with his little imagination, was a sleeping goose. For a second it reminded him of a funny occurrence form his childhood. You know that one. The one where a sleeping goose caused a disturbance in the forest because as it turns out the goose was actually dead. He shook his head and got away from the window, he wished he never remembered that.

He is back into his safe place. The shining kitchen, which he decides to put to good use. He wants to surprise his wife when she come from work by trying to bake her something, make her fell appreciated. He gets all the ingredients together to make the base. He wants it to be a fluffy soft one, more like a sponge cake. “What should I use as a filling? Hmm… there are some strawberries in the fridge, but I would like some fresh fruits”. He goes to picks up some blackberries from the forest nearby. How could he had forgotten that his wife was allergic to them. Let’s just hope she doesn’t eat the tart.