The thrill of the kill

by Helen

She couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and spend two nights with Tom. They were always sneaking around at work and pretending they were just friends; the build up to this weekend had been intense. They were finally going to be alone with no interruptions.

Tom dropped Sarah off at the entrance to the Cosy Inn, the excitement within him building until he felt he would burst. He opened the boot of the car and pulled back the picnic blanket which Sarah had been sprawled across only an hour earlier. A row of three, shiny knives were neatly lined up. He had waited a long time for this moment and he wondered if he should take his time with this one, savouring every minute.

Quickly he bundled the knives into one of the holdalls and closed the car boot.

After dinner, Tom had suggested taking a walk to explore the grounds. The hotel was in a converted farmhouse and there was nothing else for miles, except for unused barns and stables.

Tom had carefully selected Sarah as she was exactly like the others. She was desperate for fun and longed for someone to finally take notice of her. She was a little mouse of a woman, but that’s how he liked them.

“What about over there?” Sarah nodded towards the old stable.

Tom smiled as Sarah walked on ahead. After forcing the door open, they made their way inside; luckily the late evening sun allowed them some light.

Looking around the old chairs and shelving covered in dust, Sarah suggested that Tom grab an old dust sheet. He found one covering a large, wooden armchair. He removed it and placed it down on the cold, concrete floor.

Sarah smiled. “Go on then. Lie down.”

He looked at her and after some hesitation, he did as she said. As he lay down on the sheet he watched as she dropped her shoulder bag on the ground and then straddled him.

She reached for his hands and pulled them up above his head.

“Relax. Close your eyes.”

He reluctantly closed them. He started to think about later that night. He always followed the same, simple plan. Sex. Strangulation. Knife. He tingled with excitement at the thought of her limp body. As he pictured cutting up her body parts, a sharp object pierced his stomach. He tried to catch his breath.

He opened his eyes as Sarah plunged the knife deep into his chest. In her eyes he saw the thrill and intense pleasure of it all. As he fell away to nothing, Sarah continued to stab away at his body. She then pushed herself up and looked for the container of petrol she’d hidden earlier amongst the old furniture.

She pulled out a cigarette lighter from her handbag and quickly ran from the stable as it began to blaze.

Sarah had carefully selected Tom as he was exactly like the others. He was desperate for fun and longed for someone to finally take notice of him. He was a little mouse of a man, but that’s how she liked them.