Cabbage surprise

by Lewis

Ruby had perfectly plaited blonde locks that fell exactly 3 cm past her shoulder. She kept it very tidy, like her room, which was immaculate at all times, which she was quick to point out to people. Tom on the other hand lived in his own world, which twisted and tumbled around him, jumping from oceans to planets in a haze. One morning they were throwing the rugby ball around in the garden, Ruby waiting patiently for him to stop rolling around and actually throw it, when she heard a strange rustling in the cabbage patch. “What was that?” She asked. “What was what?” Tom muttered, inspecting the new holes that had appeared in his jeans, with curiosity. “That strange rustling noise. Go and check it out.” Ruby wasn’t about to go digging in the patch in her favourite top. Tom wandered over and stuck his head in the middle of two giant Savoys. “I can’t see anything Rube. Hang on a sec there’s somethi…” Ruby watched in shock as Tom disappeared with a cry into the patch. All she could hear was a growl and a snap and then nothing. “Tom. Stop messing around. Come out of there.” Ruby stepped a little closer. Suddenly with a snarl something leapt. She fell backwards with a shriek as it crashed onto her. All she could see was teeth and whiskers and two mad frenzied eyes. Claws raked across her arms as she struggled to break free and razor sharp teeth began to close around her, when suddenly itss head snapped back and slumped onto her. She pushed the body off and crawled away. Tom stood there with a broom, bleeding badly, his clothes torn but grinning. “I think we have a rat problem”.

Before Ruby could say anything, she sensed more movement in the hedges. Faces and claws peered out at them. “Get to the house now” she commanded and they turned and sprinted. Just in time she slammed the door shut, as with a loud thud another giant rat crashed into it. Outside they were destroying the house, clawing and knawing at the walls. “Quick, Let’s get up stairs.” ruby said. They pulled a wardrobe out and tipped it over to block the stairs, as with a smash the back door burst open. “They better stay out of my room.” Ruby said, quite seriously. Tom disappeared into the chaos of his bedroom, clambering across mountains of toys and laundry. He peeled back the map of the world on his wall, to reveal a secret cupboard rammed full of nerf guns. “No ones going to hurt my sister other than me.” He headed back to the landing and handed ruby a crossbow. “Aim for the eyes.” He said firing down the stairs at a snarling face. “Got him”. But ruby knew they only had a few bullets. She left Tom defending and grabbed a cricket bat from the landing. Tom might drive her crazy at times, but he didn’t deserve to be torn apart by rats. Before Tom could stop her she leapt over the wardrobe and rushed down the stairs Swinging wildly. Downstairs was carnage, everything was torn to shreds. She beat her way to the back door, waving her arms and shouting to get the rats attention. Then hoping it would work she turned and ran...