All in the ice

by Lewis

He knew straight away she wanted him. It was all in the eyes. Same every time, he’d been told. But this time she had looked at him directly, and he knew this was it.

She loved every minute. Her eyes feverishly devoured him first. Then her fingers touching, slowly opening and then. That first taste for her had been so soft and yet hard. Firm and moist. He had cried out to stop, but she didn’t listen. She held him stiff in one hand and then slowly licked from his base upwards, tasting everything. She breathed in the sweet smell and sighed. Her eyes flashed again as she brought the tip to her lips and then deeper and deeper. He let out a small cry, again unheard.

The itch had started, strangely at the base. He would have though his tip would have gone first. He tried to look down at the puddles forming beneath him as he slowly dripped. He burned. He ached. Well this is it he thought. Once it begins there’s no going back. And all down to that bitch Janet.

He had practised for this, they all had. Even talked to some of the older guys, but they didn’t really know. It was all just here-say and rumour. One thing everyone agreed was that when it was time, you would know, somewhere deep down inside. But all he felt deep down was the burning itch. It was all over him now. But what could he do. It was too late. She had paid and he had to deliver.

Her lips were red, artificially coated and glistening wet. He could see each droplet on her lip and running down her mouth. Each drop is a part of me he thought. With each touch of hers, I become less. He looked back at the stall, his friends, his family. The sun beat down, damn this heat. He was so hot now.

Well if I’m going down, then I’m damn sure not given her the satisfaction she’s after. He concentrated all his will. Focusing. Finally he felt himself go, slowly at first splitting silently down the middle. He smiled to himself as he broke in two, sliding off the stick and falling to the dusty floor. A final fuck you to Janet.

“Oh for gods sake janet. Will you please stop crying. It’s just a bloody ice lolly. Janet! Please....oh for crying out loud

Gary just get her another one we haven’t got all day.”