B’swax, because she has a voice like hunny and one hell of a sting in her tail. Spelt with a B for beauty, booty, or Betty depending on who you ask. Hey, That’s what the stories say right?, and as Annie Lennox might say, who am I to disagree?

Settle down this won’t take long. I was brought up with a mic in my hand, gabbling and crooning away from day 1: when I was born there wasn’t a cry, it was a fearsome roar, a lioness in waiting. Yes. That’s right. A queen ready for the throne. And call it what you want, a sting, a bite, I dont roll over and die. I fight.

But Billy was trouble. Ever since he bumped into me outside at the Kingston Rune. You know, that place, sure it’s not here. No no, be nice. It’s ok. Listen I’ve always liked trouble and this one was moaning about lost tickets. So I got him in. You see, I can’t sing without trouble, it’s what makes the melody rise and fall.

So tonight, before I came on stage, I was sat waiting in my dressing room. Billy as always was reliable late. I watched him saunter in, stumbling, adrift in his own ocean of intoxicated chaos. He wanted me. Who wouldn’t. Look at me. Yeah honey.

His eyes lit up when I took out the handcuffs. Ok ok. I know. But I do like to surprise him. Tonight would not disappoint. You see there’s something you should known about William Jonas Brown. 3 days ago, Billy turned our to be a bit more than trouble. He let things go a bit too far. I see you sugar; Questions in those eyes. That’s right. Billy crosses a line. As so many do. Every day across this great nation. He’s strong Billy. I’m strong. But he. Turns out he’s stronger.

I mean he was stronger. Right now he’s probably not feeling to strong. I can see a few of you looking confused. She’s flown to close to the sun. And your right. You should be worried. Oh and there they go…he’s in my dressing room.

It’s too late though. You know, for him. It’s funny. You should have see the confusion. When I reached down. He didn’t even see the knife. I sliced through it. Top down. Opened like a flower in bloom. That was the start. I opened his belly like a forced mouth. Prized apart with cool steel. A smile as red as fire.

I think you think I’m joking. Or maybe you just hope I do. That’s the thing with pedastols, some are so high that if you fall, you don’t survive.

Die young. The best way to guarantee your still talked about. My music, remembered for ever. Frozen honey.

Of course I might survive. Cobain didn’t. But he didn’t have my...vitality. My passion.

Stay back. You there get down. Nobody panic babies. You are witnesses to immortality.