November 14th 2019

Hey Story Clubbers!


James and Claire have been longlisted for the Flash500 short story competition! Check out James’ story Sweet Smell Rose and Claire’s was A Night at the Circus, check them out on the Story Club website then look at their names on the Flash500 website in wonderment!

And don’t forget that Dan made it onto the shortlist for Flash500 with his story Keith’s Last Session. Nice one Dan!!


Story Club turned 3 at the beginning of November! Why not read some of the very first submissions written way back in 2016?

New Logo

OK, it’s not so much new; more that we’re starting to use it a bit more. Who spotted it on the StoryClub website.

Revisit week

We thought we’d try out a new format for stories. We’ll submit our stories one week as usual, but instead of releasing a new theme and objects to include, we’ll all rewrite the same story for the following week based on feedback received from each other. We’ll try it once and, if it works, we’ll do it again every few months.

The idea is to generate some more critical and engaged feedback on stories - suggestions for improvements, what worked, what didn’t, how can the story be better? The second submission will be an improved edit of the first.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions for ideas just let Jenny, James or Lewis know.

Coming up

Keep an eye on the website for new developments - including your Story Streaks and stats, accomplishments and some new website features.