The Locked Room Ch 10

Bone marrow must taste good, judging by how much time zombies spend attempting to eat it. It’s not like they just rip off your flesh. No. Those bastards are like hyenas: they go for the bones.

After I went pee, the three of us checked out the view from the second story deck of Crab Bay Restaurant. It looked out into the waters of Clear Lake as they filtered under the Kemah bridge and out into the Gulf of Mexico. The channel is roughly the length of a football field, with swift currents that are deep enough for sail boats.

And pirate ships.

I rubbed my eyes, something I never do, because what else should you do when you see a freaking pirate ship?

“Hello, Govna’. That boats a lairy thingy,” I said in my best British accent. I watch a lot of British television with my mom. It’s my thing.

“Who the fuck is Larry and for the last time-You. Are. Not. British!” Evelina squeezed the sentence out of her mouth with disgust.

“Where did that pirate ship come from and how do I get on it?” Christina said, ignoring our British blood feud that had lasted damn near a decade.

The pirate ship really was a thing of beauty; a hundred feet long, gleaming in the shining sun, its deck slick wood, a giant black skull and bones flag flying proudly on a towering mast. But just like fake flowers, looks can be deceiving.

Aboard the ship were the most miserable looking pirates I’d ever seen. Not that I’d ever seen pirates. But if I had, these guys were no Johnny Depp.

Rotting flesh, missing limbs, bumbling about on deck like.... well, like zombie pirates. Sorry, I’m not always the best with my analogies. It’s my American public education. We’re kind of fucked over here, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Anyway. Back to my story.

A stupid seagull had flown its fat, miserable body too close to one of the scurvy undead and he grabbed it out of the sky-cat like reflexes that brought a gasp from all three of us. The pirate bit down into the poor bird's belly, a single squawk filled the air, and just like that the bird’s miserable life came to a miserable end.

“Faster than I thought they’d be,” Evelina said. She was always calculating, always looking for an advantage against her foe.

“Evelina, get us on that ship,” Christina said, humor no longer in her voice. She brushed her blonde, cork screw hair out of her face. I checked myself. Now was not the time to be in my feelings. I’d always had a thing for Christina but never acted on it.

“Why on earth do you want on that ship?” I asked, adjusting my eyes away from Christina’s lock of hair.

She looked me dead in the eye and my palms began to sweat. Jesus this girl killed me sometimes.

“Because I want that motherfucking flag,” she said, her eyes red hot with determination.

“Ok I give up. Take me now,” I belted out, grabbing Christina’s hand. She flinched, laughed in embarrassment, and Evelina smirked at me.

“Bout time you two flew your freak flag together. Now shut up and let me think about how we’re getting on that ship.” Leave it to Evelina to keep us on task!