A nice weekend break

by Lewis

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s thick as hell out there.”

She sighed wandering how she had ended up with this idiot. “Go and get some more wood for Christ’s sake Geoff.”

A cottage break in West Wales seemed like a great idea; the girls had all exclaimed how quaint it would be. She wrapped the blanket tighter, the feel of it soft against her cheek, admiring the Welsh tartan.

“It never snow’s in Cardigan,” He said. Well not never, it’s bloody snowing now innit. But y’know what I mean. It’s the sea salt, that’s why they pour sea water on the roads round here, in order to grit them, that’s what ma says anyway.”

She tried not to grimace, but sometimes he made her blood run cold. There was no signal here, no wi-fi, just a broken tv and a wood fire. It gave her the creeps.

“How about a little afternoon delight?” Geoff smiled cheekily. She paused to give him the look.

From behind his back Geoff produced a box of chocolates. “A little afternoon Turkish delight?” he laughed. “I know they’re your favourite.” She forced a smile and took the box.

The floor above creaked loudly. “What was that?” She started.

“These houses creak, luv. Proper old see. Could be ghosts mind.” Geoff laughed again and put the last wood on the fire. “Right ill just pop out an’ get a bit more fuel is it?”

She tutted and flicked through her blank phone. Still nothing. The tv was just as useless, nothing but static. It hissed at her as she scrolled through the channels. The sound of her name cut through the static “Macey”, then nothing. “Geoff” she shouted? “Is that you?” He must have called her from outside.

Another creak from above her. The lights flickered, then cut out, along with the buzz of the generator.

“For fucks sake Geoff, the generator.”

There is was again low and clear. “Macey”.

“Geoff stop dicking around, I am not in the mood.” No reply.

She realised that the TV was still on and cautiously moved towards it. She traced the plug from the back. It was unplugged. The door to the kitchen banged suddenly and she span round. Nobody there.

The fire light mixed with the eiry white of the TV. Shadows walked the room.

It must be the cable she thought, her hands edging down the lead. There was a split in the cable she saw, that must have something to do with it. She grabbed it.

“I’ll sort the generator now,” Came a voice, and she heard the engine kick in. At the same moment she saw the plug was back in the wall.

The paramedic, Nia, told him that the shock killed Macey instantly. She had smiled at Geoff asked if he would be ok, concern in her eyes. Later when Geoff sat alone, staring out at the snow, he knew he should be sad, but all he could think was how long it had been since someone had looked at him with such care.