Follow the star

by Lewis

“It's ok, go ahead. Just follow the arrow.” The words seemed so simple, so assured. Ahead of me, with each footstep, the bridge seemed to tremble as cracks of light kissed my soles. It was a short walk, 50 steps forward, but it seemed like an eternal fall on either side. You couldn’t fall, the book said. You just had to keep walking.

I still don’t know where the book came from, it was just another boring morning. Strange things didn't happen to me, i have always just got by, not great, not bad just getting along. But then when I woke up, there was a parcel, addressed to me. And inside was the book. No author or publication details, just on the back ‘made by a falling star’ who I guess must have been the publishers. I thought it was just junk mail at first, but when i looked closer it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Unlike anything I’ve ever read. The words seemed to dance across the page. The amazing thing was each time you opened it it said something new, a different message. And each message was written to me. There were no electronics, no secret pages. My mind refused to comprehend the evidence in front of me. And yet each time i opened it i knew it was talking to me. How else could it know the things it knew, the worries, the dream sihad, if anything it seemed to read me. I told no-one about it. I started to change that day. To grow if you like. It was little things at first, the way I held my head, the way I walked. People seemed to take more notice, to actually listen rather than pretend.

You know how sometimes you’ll see something on social media that really hits home. Well i guess it was like that. But without any of the nonsense. And personal, it seemed to know things about me before I did. I met someone, a friend of a guy in work, and it had been going well. But the book knew he wasn't right for me. That was when it had first mentioned the journey. The next stage I guess. The more it told me about this journey the more I wanted it. My faith seemed to grow everyday. It didn't say how long it would take, it just told me what day to leave.

I didn't tell work, or my new boyfriend, the book told me not to worry. And now here I was, following the arrows across a narrow bridge, approaching a door cut into a sheer rock face. But I was happy, confident and why shouldn’t I be. Isn't this exactly what the book had said would happen.

Behind the door was, well, that’s what I was about to find out. The book said it would open and as long as i did not look down i believe. “It's ok, open it. Everything will change once you go through that door. Trust me.” As I approached the door swung open, it wasn't dark inside, it was glowing, as bright as a star. It felt like I should be hot, but I wasn't. Everything seemed exactly as it should be. So i walked through and the door shut behind me