Feeling like the end of the world

by Lewis

Rob looked at his claws with a feeling of utter dejection. Useless. So thin and blunt at the same time. Everytime he tried to claw anything harder than earth they would chip or bend. He wondered what he had done in a past life to deserve this.

Bertha’s feet ached. She was soaking them in a deep mudpool. God it felt good. The pulsing died down but the ache inside only grew deeper. How long could she keep stomping for. What was the matter with her? All the other Bronts pounded the earth all day long, trees shook, fruit fell, animals and the ground literally quaked. She seemed to float, as if she didn’t even way upwards of 25 tonnes. She was so ashamed.

Terry stretched his wings out wide in the sun as he basked by the river. He smoothed and stroked his vast and beautiful body. The wool he had ripped from a mammoth earlier that day was a little bloody, but it was useful for cleaning the softer parts. He dipped it into the water and meticulously cleaned himself top to bottom. Glistening he smiled at the other Pterodactyls, proudly showing off his sleek streamline body. Tina sidled up to him. “God how do you do it?” She said in awe.

“It's all about watching what you eat, Tina. Our lightness of frame is essential to our aerial ability, you know. It wouldn't kill you to skip a few meals, eating is cheating”, Terry said with a disparaging glance at her.

Tina said nothing but sidled a little further away.

Now you’ve done it, though Terry, but continued to stretch and take in the sun.

Bertha was chewing her way through a small coniferous forest. Her belly had developed a shooting pain but she kept on chewing.

“Look, I can do em sure.” Said the voice of Eda, nasal and sharp to Robs ears. “But its gonna cost ya. I mean this sort of implant isn't easy to get hold of.”

“I know” Rob said meekly, “but look this is important, I need this.”

“Yeah yeah, I don’t need your history pal. But you're sure you want T-rex? They ain't cheap”

“I don’t care about the cost,” Rob stated, “They are the best. And that’s what i’ll have.”

“Ok, ok, calm down. Just asking. Right then, over here. And I have to warn you. This is going to hurt you a hell of a lot more than me.”

“Alright Berth, how’s it going?” Rob said. Some of the gang had got together at The Cavern for drinks.

“Oh you know”, Bertha said forcing a smile through the shooting stomach pain.

“Yeah tell me about it. What ya drinking I’ll get this.”

“The usual please.”

“So notice anything different about me?”

“You’re buying a drink does that count?”

Rob smiled and unsubtly flexed his claws.


Rob’s smile froze on his face.

“You like them yeah?”

“Sure. You do you... But I kinda liked how they were before.”


Two days later Terry was found dead. His glistening razor thin form was rigidly seized into a position that emanated glamour.

Bertha died of a stomach ulcer. After three weeks of intense pain she fell to the earth with a thud that shook the very foundations of the land. Unfortunately she was dead before she hit the ground so was unable to hear it.

Rob was hit by a meteor. He saw something falling and held his claws up to protect his face only for the small rock to smash into his razor sharp claws sending them instantly into his brain.

1 week later the big meteor hit wiping out most life on earth. Evolution hey. Funny old thing.