Bare Bears go out for dinner

by Lewis

“Where’s my extra thick clotted cream and raspberry blend jam scone?” Grizz roared his head buried in the fridge. The small house shook violently sending books tumbling off shelves.

Ice-Bear, ninja rolled thought the doorway, paws ready to fight. “Ice-bear doesn’t like noise.”

“Did you eat my scone?” Grizz mumbles accusingly. “It was my special treat.”

“Ice-bear does not care for jam” Ice-Bear states rollling back out of the room and into bed in one smooth movement.

A black and white face peaks through the window. “It’s happening. QUICKLY, FOLLOW ME.” Panda says, disappearing out of sight. Grizz in confusion follows him out. Panda jumps on his back and they trundle off into the woods. “That way” panda shouts pointing through a thick hedge. They smash their way through effortlessly. They are at the edge of a cliff and below they can see a quaint pub. Grizz looks up at Panda as together they shout “Leftovers”.

In the house ice-bear is staring at the scone placed on a table. He has one claw extended, poised like a sword. Suddenly he hears the front door, in one motion he scoops up a bowl and places it over the scone as he spins around. Panda and Grizz fall through the door on top of each other .

“ Pub open finally” Grizz pants.

“Food, cliff, rope.” Panda mumbles from beneath Grizz’s belly.

“Ice-bear is confused” states ice-bear.

“The pub, Ice, only the finest leftover feast known to bear kind. Finally open again, we have to go”.

Halfway down the cliff, Grizz pauses for a rest. “I can smell the roast dinner.” He is wearing his best fedora.

“Are we there yet?” Panda asks quietly with his eyes closed. “I can smell cake.” He has a beret on.

Ice bear, above the others checks they’re not looking and produces the scone from beneath his top-hat. He flicks out one claw. With a sharp swish he slices through the jam and cream. The jams falls as Grizz begins to climb down. His hand slips on the jam and the three bears tumble down into a pile. They groan collectively until Grizz sniffs the air. “Dinner time!” He shouts charging out of the pile. Panda follows him closely. Ice bear unfolds his arm to reveal the scone still in his top hat.

“I’ll check the menu.” Panda saysto Grizz hiding in a bush..

“Ice-bear is hungry.” Ice-bear states, appearing from nowhere.

Grizz is drooling a giant pool of slobber.

“Uh Grizz,” Panda murmers gently. ”you might want to look at this.” Grizz growls in disbelief. “This can’t be right. No no.” Grizz bursts into the pub; A sea of topbuns, beards, hand-woven tops and earthy colours turn to stare. Grizz glances at the nearest plate. “Roast cauliflower” he says, a giant paw smashing through the table. The pub erupts into chaos. “Mushroom and lentil risotto.” Another crash into the wall. “What about the cakes?” Panda yells rushing to the counter. “Carrot and kale” he cries bursting into tears whilst casually smashing through the counter. “Vegans” Grizz roars in a frenzy of destruction.

The two bears sit in the remains of the pub. Ice bear ninja rolls through the door. “Ice-bear feels bad, ice-Bear helps.” He carefully removes his hat to reveal the scone, still just about in tact.