No rose without a thorn

by Lewis

Blearily Tom opened his eyes. His body cold against the stone wall. “What the hell?” He mumbled trying to see through the dim light. He was naked. His wrists were sore from handcuffs, chained above his head to the wall. “Daisy?.. hello, anyone?” He shouted into the dark unsure if he wanted a reply. His throat burned with thirst. Worst of all he could remember nothing. Someone must be looking for me. Daisy would come find him. Surely.

He jerked awake again. What was that, he thought? A distant torch flickered across the wall and eventually on to him.

“Darling”, came a cry. “Oh thank god.”

“Daisy, thank you. Help me. Quick get me down” he cried in despair and delight.

“Are you ok?” Daisy asked, concern in her voice.

“I’m fine. Just hurry up and unlock me.” He replied desperate to be free. Tom breathed a sigh of relief as he saw Daisy pull a key from her pocket.

“Do you love me?” Daisy asked quietly.

“What? Unlock me Daisy quickly my wrist are in agony.” Tom replied confused.

“Do you love me?” Daisy asked again, firmer this time.

“Yes of course I love you.” He laughed, still confused. “But please get me out before whoever did this comes back.”

“Strange then really.” Daisy said, turning her back on him. “You know the garden has been looking so nice. But needs must and Gardners can be replaced.”

“Look Daisy, what’s going on. Where am I and for Christs sake get me out of here.” Tom’s confusion turned to anger as he spoke.

Daisy turned to face him. “You know the funny thing about you Tom? You have this image of what is is to be a Man; strong, proud always in the right, always thinking you can take what you want. But i’m afraid being a real man, well there is more to it than that. You! You can’t even tell me you’re not ok when your chained naked to a wall.” She laughed at this then continued calmly. “You think being a man is just about one thing. But there’s more to it then sex.”

Tom was frantically wriggling, as useless as a hooked worm. Pleasing now to be released and that he knew nothing about any of this. Daisy dissapeared into a dark corner of the room., where her voice drifted back to him. “She tripped and you fell? It just happened didn’t it? She is a gorgeous Gardner to be fair to you. Well she was anyway.” Her voice sounded as beautiful and as barbed as a rose.

She walked slowly back into the light and he flinched back as he saw what was in her hand. She scraped the grey metal along the floor, the teeth sang as they danced along. And their song was hungry and sharp.

“Oh dear.” She said looking down at him. “Your rose seems a little wilted.”

“Look darling this is all just a misunderstanding, if you can just unlock me.” Tom grovelled.

“And you know what happens to wilted roses” Daisy continues unhearing. “they need to be dead-headed.”

Tom froze, disbelief in his eyes. “Ok look calm down. I’m sorry. Is that what you want from me? This is insane. You can’t do this. This is crazy Daisy.” His words gushed out like dirt from a fallen pot.

Daisy gripped the saw tightly. “You know I don’t think you are ok Tom. In fact i don't even think you are worthy to be a man anymore.” And this time the saw sung out a different song. And Toms voice lifted and joined it, echoing endlessly in the cold and dark.